What’s the purpose of pea protein in recipes?

Pea protein is a concentrated source of protein which is very valuable in pet food as it is a highly digestible source of vegetable protein. It’s great when used in combination with animal based proteins as they can complement each other to meet an animal’s nutritional requirements.

You might wonder why some recipes within a range of products contain pea protein when others don’t, this is because different meat sources contribute different levels of protein to a recipe. So for example, if a lamb based recipe doesn’t meet the overall desired level of protein just from the meat ingredients, then we can include some pea protein to help increase the protein level of the recipe to ensure that the animal is getting enough protein in their diet.

We always look to include meat proteins as the main source of protein within a recipe as these are complete proteins which means that they contain all the essential amino acids required by an animal, however pea protein is a nutritious complementary protein source which is still easily digested and beneficial to the animal.

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