Spring Feeding

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The days are getting longer, the weathers slowly improving, and you might have noticed the birdsong getting louder. It can only mean one thing - Spring has arrived!

Despite longer days, more insect activity and daffodils poking through the soil, the nights are often still freezing and all the seeds and berries that birds have been surviving on throughout winter have now been eaten. Spring can therefore be the leanest time of all for garden birds, just when they need to get into perfect condition for breeding. Birds also moult at this time of year, making it extra important to feed them high protein, calorie rich foods.

What to feed ...

Putting out a high quality bird mixture, such as our Gourmet Zero Grow seed mix, ensures all bases are covered and will appeal to the vast majority of birds. It includes high in oil Sunflower Hearts, calorie dense Suet Pellets, high in protein Dried Mealworms plus other top quality ingredients. It can be fed from both a seed feeder or a tray/table for ground feeding birds, with the bonus of being non germinating = no growth from any spilt seeds. 

Furthermore, our Gourmet Mixture includes Granulated peanuts, which are a much safer option for baby birds than whole peanuts. If you normally feed peanuts straight these are a good alterative to change to for the next few months or ensure you use a peanut feeder where whole peanuts cannot be accessed as there’s a risk to baby birds if adults take them back to the nest to feed to them.

As well as the calorie-rich foods just mentioned, start putting out Oyster Shell Grit which helps females to form their eggs. Calci Worms are also an excellent choice for the same reason - high in both protein and calcium, they can also be soaked before feeding to provide extra hydration during drier spells of weather.