*Add-on* Items Explained


Due to the unprecedented amount of orders we have received over the last few days we having to concentrate on shipping only key lines and weights so we can maintain supply to the majority of customers.


All items with a green sticker are delivered to most parts of the UK at the price shown.

Items with a red *Add-on* sticker are priced to be shipped with a green stickered item. 

Each shipping box must contain a least one green stickered item.

Our courier will ship up to a total of 30kg per box (including packaging) which allows 29kg of items per box. For example, if you purchase a green stickered item that weighs say 20kg, there is space left for 9kg of *Add-on* items.

This is a way for you to save money when buying smaller items and still have them delivered next working day! 

If you wish to buy just a selection of our *Add-on* items we have a shipping box which enables this.
Click here to view or add this to your basket.

(If you find you cannot  Proceed To Checkout  from your 'Shopping Basket' it may contain more *Add-on* items than allowed for your order)


[The maximum weight allowed per box is 29kg including all *Add-on* items]   


Individual Items under 2kg

If you are interested in purchasing an individual 'Add-on' item that weighs less than 2kg but the cost of delivery (by having to purchase an Add-on Shipping Box) is putting you off then please give us a call.

We are happy to send out certain items out by Royal Mail for a £3 cost however please be aware this is using a 2nd Class Postal Service which is NOT tracked and your item will take a few days to arrive.