Rabbits Diet

In the wild rabbits feed on high levels of fibrous grasses and their digestive systems are designed to be kept in constant motion to get the most out of this diet. Without high fibre foods their digestive system will not work correctly and can make your rabbit susceptible to gut stasis. It’s important that you feed your rabbits a balanced diet that gives them the nutritional and emotional benefits they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Hay/Dried Grass are important - Fibre from feeding hay and fresh grass is really important for:

  • Dental health – Rabbits’ teeth continually grow and chewing good quality hay will help wear them down. Without this fibre they may develop dental disease 
  • Digestive health – Fibre keeps a rabbit’s gut moving reducing the risk of gut stasis and bloat
  • Behavioural Health – in the wild rabbits spend 70% of their time foraging, they need access to hay and grass to be able to express their natural behaviour