Whole Peanuts, Peanut Granules and Nuts in Shell.

Please note we cannot fit any 
'Add-on' items in the same shipping box. 

**Sorry - we cannot ship any 29kg items in one box to FRANCE**

(DPD's French partner, Chronopost, will not accept our boxes with over 28kg of items inside)

Tri-Buy Wild Bird Food Selection (27.55kg)


*2kg Peanuts *Add-on*


*4kg Peanuts *Add-on*


*12.55kg Peanuts *Add-on*


12.55kg Peanuts


20kg Peanuts


25kg Peanuts


2x12.55kg (25kg) Peanuts


28kg Peanuts for FRANCE


29kg Peanuts


*2kg Peanut GRANULES *Add-on*


*4kg Peanut GRANULES *Add-on*


*12.55kg Peanut GRANULES *Add-on*


12.55kg Peanut GRANULES


*1kg Peanuts in Shell *Add-on-Item*


11.3kg Peanuts in Shell (25lb)


Shipping Box for *Add-on* items