Our Product Testers

As a family business we pride ourselves in producing and selling the highest quality products. Our staff have a wide range of knowledge about the feeds and products we sell but what better way to recommend products than from personal experiences. 

That's where our chief product testers come in! Introducing the other members of our team who tell us if products are a yea or neigh ..........

         Baileys Keep Calm, Original Crunchie TreatsNAF Garlic Granules 

         Wheatsheaf Grain Free Adult Dog with Angus Beef & Chatterbox Sea Slug Dog Toy

       Layers PelletsMixed CornCalci Worms & Feldy Pecker Block

       Felix Good as it Looks pouches & Purina One Adult Cat with Salmon

        Burgess Excel Rabbit with OreganoFriendly ReadigrassAnimal Dreams Wood Shavings and Pet Pack Barn Dried Hay

       Badminton Llama & Alpaca Food

        Gourmet Perle Pouches, Purina One Senior Cat BiscuitsCatsan Clumping Cat Litter

        TurmerEase Turmeric Chicken SlicesNatureDiet Grain Free Fish

       James Well Beloved Ferret Food

          Purina Adult Light Cat Biscuits & Catsan clumping cat litter

** Watch the funny video of CoCo playing with a yogurt box wrapper >>> **