Our Plastic Packaging

**We are currently trailing fully recyclable paper bags 

with our 12.55kg 25kg Improved Recipe Premium Wild Bird Mixtures**

We have recently received a few questions asking why we use plastic bags that can be harmful to the environment rather than a paper alternative, so its time to set the record straight!

The bags we use are Low Density Polyethylene LDP, recycling No.4. Our printed bags show the No.4 recycling logo, however, our identical but unprinted bags unfortunately do not.  

All our LDP bags are 100% recyclable though your regular weekly waste collection service, providing your local Council collect and process LDP.

Altenatively you can also take your LDP bags to your nearest recycling centre or drop off bins - find out where your nearest locations are here: https://www.recyclenow.com. We also urge you to reuse your bags time and time again before they enter the recycling process for maximum efficiency. 

Behind the scenes we are looking at other alternatives to the LDP bags we are currently using without comprising on the quality of the products you receive. We also don't want to swap to an alternative packaging that appears to be better for the environment, however impacts it in different, yet equally as damaging ways.

Unfortunately due to many of our seeds, mixes and products having a high oil content the alternative 100% paper packaging we have initially trialed became saturated with oil. This not only affected the appearance of the bag but more importantly how well the bag stored in our warehouse and transported to you - the bags easily became damaged, affecting the quality of the products they contained. 

Rest assured this is a ongoing process of trial and error but we are doing our best to make changes in the near future. We are a small family business operating from what used to be a working mill - this poses its own challenges compared to other companies who operate from more modern premises with regard to bagging and storage.  

Our aim, with our suppliers and customers support, is to actively work towards reducing plastic pollution. 

Just bear with us while we attempt to get it right - for us, for you and for the environment!