Mealworms & Calci-Worms

Please note we cannot fit any 'Add-on' items in the same shipping box.    

For tips on how to feed calci-worms successfully, see the 'Additional info.' tab at the top of all the calci-worm products.

*500g Calci-Worms *Add-on*


*1kg Calci-Worms *Add-on*


*4kg Calci-Worms *Add-on*


*5kg Calci-Worms *Add-on*


5kg Calci-Worms


10kg Calci-Worms


15kg Calci-Worms (3 x 5kg)


*500g Mealworms *Add-on*


*1kg Mealworms *Add-on*


*4kg Mealworms *Add-on*


*5kg Mealworms *Add-on*


5kg Mealworms


10kg Mealworms


15kg Mealworms (3 x 5kg)


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