Suet & Treats

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**SUET PELLETS** Due to suet pellets having a high fat content you may experience them hardening and possibly clumping together during the colder winter months. A gentle shake of the bag will loosen them if clumped (pierce the bag first if it's vacuumed packed).

*1kg Suet Pellets *Add-on*


12.75kg Suet Pellets


25.5kg Suet Pellets (2x12.75kg)


*1kg Suet Pellets MIXED FLAVOURS *Add-on*


*OFFER* Peckish Extra Goodness Balls, No Nets (2 x 60)


40 FELDY Premium Fat Balls


Peckish 100 Extra Goodness Nuggets


80 FELDY Premium Fat Balls (2 TUBS OF 40)


JJ Suet Dumplings (pack of 6)


150 Bucktons High Energy Balls


*50 STG Suet Balls *Add-on*

£9.50 £9.95

50 STG Suet Balls


150 STG Suet Balls


STG SINGLE Half Coconut Feeder flavoured with mealworm


Box of 10 - STG Half Coconut Feeder flavoured with Mealworm


TC Fabulous Fat Balls x 12


TC Fabulous Fat Balls, No Nets (2 x 50)


Flutter Butter Peanut Butter 330g


Peckish Coconut Feeders, 4 pk


TC Giant Suet Log - Mealworm


TC Suet Logs - Mealworm or Insect


Suet RolyPoly


*SINGLE* Honest2Nature INSECT SUET CAKE 280g *Add-on*


10x280g, Honest2Nature INSECT SUET CAKES *Add-on*


TC Triple Pack of Suet Treats


*SINGLE Suet Block 300g *Add-on*

£1.15 £1.49

10x300g SUET BLOCKS *Add-on*


2kg Wild Bird Raisins *Add-on*


*10kg Wild Bird Raisins *Add-on*


10kg Wild Bird Raisins


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