6 x Feldy Chicken Pecker Balls

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Feldy Chicken Pecker Balls, 6 pack - high energy, bespoke boredom buster food balls for poultry.

Feldy has adopted a holistic approach to the formulation of this food and wellbeing supplement. Each block provides:

  • Occupational therapy for your birds by reducing boredom and helping prevent feather pecking in the flock
  • A high energy supplement resulting in improved bird condition, feathering and health, more and larger eggs
  • Added calcium which aids the production of top quality eggshells, avoiding wasteful breakage
  • A blend of 12 specially selected, readily digestible ingredients contributes to the flock’s daily intake of essential nutrients
  • Added herbs and spices act as an “attractant” to the balls
  • Manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials which contain highly digestible proteins, cereals and cereal by-products, all with a high nutrient density
  • Pecker Balls are on average 115 grams (4oz) and will fit in virtually all standard suet/fat ball feeders - Packed weight 700g.

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Analysis - 90% DM basis - Oil 20%, Crude Protein 8%, Crude Fibre 6%, Ash 18%.

Ingredients - Ground Wheat, Whole Wheat, Cut Maize, Flour, Limestone Flour, Refined White Fat, Sunflower, White Dari, Prairie Meal, Peanut Meal, Spice and Herb Attractant. 

All ingredients are sourced from UFAS and Red Tractor Assured suppliers. To be offered as a nutritional and well being supplement to your regular layers feed - always ensure fresh drinking water is available.

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