'Light' Pet Foods

In recent studies carried out in the UK, approximately 21% of dogs are overweight by 6 months of age!

In dogs, cats and other domestic animals, being overweight increases the risks of developing other diseases and potentially shortening lifespan and so it is important that owners, with the support of their veterinary team and pet food supplier, endeavour to tackle this issue.

Weight loss is a gradual process that can take several months but by making a few simple lifestyle changes for your pet it can make a massive difference. Have a look at our 'Light' pet food options - by gradually swapping to a food that's lower in calories and fat, feeding the correct portion sizes, restricting the number of treats and increasing daily exercise it could make a huge difference to the quality of your pets life.

SmartBones Chicken Sticks 5 Pk


SmartBones Dinochews


SmartBones Mini Chicken Knots


2kg Burgess Excel Rabbit - Light


*2kg Grain Free Dog ADULT LIGHT *Add-on*


2kg Grain Free Dog ADULT LIGHT


12kg Grain Free Dog ADULT LIGHT