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Dried Calci-Worms (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) 1kg - for feeding wild birds, hedgehogs and other wildlife.

  • Calci-Worms are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) - a naturally nutrient rich feeder insect that's high in protein, energy giving fat, amino acids and uniquely high in essential calcium
  • Suitable to feed to a wide variety of garden birds, reptiles, hedgehogs and other wildlife 
  • Typically have up to 40 - 50 times the amount of calcium than other dried insects or worms
  • They have a positive calcium to phosphorus ratio meaning they aid the development of strong bones and eggs
  • Also known as Calcium Worms, Nutri Grubs, Sunworms and Soldier Grubs

Natural sources of calcium are becoming increasingly harder find for garden birds, hedgehogs and wildlife due to the ever growing use of pesticides in agriculture and the reduction of wild land. Offering Calci-Worms as part of a balanced diet alongside other types of food gives our wildlife access to a wider range of vital nutrients that they often struggle to find themselves.

***TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL FEEDING*** -  See Additional Information tab.

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Feeding Guidelines

Can be fed as a treat on their own or mixed with other foods. Feed scattered on the ground, on bird tables or using a hanging mealworm feeder. They can also be soaked in water 30 minutes before feeding to provide extra hydration.

Tips for successful feeding - 

If you are currently feeding mealworms we urge you not to be disappointed during the transition period if the birds tend to favour the mealworms over the calci-worms. 

A calci-worm is a larger, more robust insect in comparison, but also takes slightly more effort to be eaten. Hence why the mealworms may be picked out first. 

* lightly soak the calci-worms until uptake increases

* allow enough time for the birds to adjust to the change in product

* only put out small amounts to minimise waste initially

**Please note** - this is a natural product so variations in size, shape and colour are to be expected.

Analysis (per 100g) 

Protein 35.8%, Fat 36.9%, Ash 10.6%, Fibre 5.3%, Calcium 3.15%, Moisture 2.93%, Phosphorus 0.5%

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Mandy Hughes

15kg bag ~the wild birds love these!! Add some warm water & it is eaten very quickly Thank you for a reasonable price food that is not wasted A great buy

Sue Lancaster

Eating 10kg per month so needless to say I think the birds like it.

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